Since 1985, all companies which were established by Mr. Orhan BAYSAL named ‘’ Argi Medical CwLL ( Company with Limited Liability ), Orbay Health Services Limited Liability Company, Argi Group Health Services CwLL and Best CwLL ‘’ are continuing their activities in the medical sector all around Turkey and above mentioned companies are gathered under the roof of "ARGI GROUP" in 1995.

The principles of the companies are honesty, full customer satisfaction and unlimited service for their customers.

In order to perform best service, we always run after latest innovations and technological developments all around the world.

ARGI GROUP always takes surgeons and clinical personnel opinions and proposal in order to improve the respective products according to end users’ aspects. Their opinions and proposals are continuously reported as periodical feedbacks to manufacturers.

Orbay Health Services Industry and Trade CwLL is representing some foreign companies as their exclusive or non-exclusive distributor in Turkey. All of the procedures for import & export business is done by Orbay Health Limited Liability Company.

Argi Group Health Services Trade CwLL performs its sales, marketing, after sales serving of the expendable supplies etc. in the area of brain surgery and orthopedics by its own professional marketing network all around the Turkey.

The basic activities of the Argi Medical Industry Trade CwLL are designing, manufacturing and marketing of plastic originated medical products such as mouthpieces for breath testing devices , mother-infant identification tags, urine collecting bags etc. those products are used both inside and outside of the country.

Our representative companies:

  • CHRISTOPH MIETHKE GmbH & CO.KG ( Germany )
  • CL Instruments ( Germany )
  • RAUMEDIC AG ( Germany )
  • SPIEGELBERG ( Germany )
  • VINZENZ SATTLER GmbH ( Germany )
  • VOSTRA GmbH ( Germany )