The principles of working DualSwitch Valve

DUALSWITCH VALF catches the ventricüler pressure of patient(IVP), whether the patient is afoot or lying,in the limits of physiologic,independently.In many cases,without the changing size of ventricülers,important results are accessed.IVP controls are provided securely without looking the patient’s position,amount of producing BOS daily,BOS viscosity,subcutaneous of BOS.

DUALSWITCH VALF has 2 different channels thought for the horizantal and vertical pozition.These channels enable the IVP under the control with possible physiologic limits.Morover;the possible of unwanted and dangerous cases like over drainage are cut down.While the high pressure channel is active,valves are opened and lower the high pressure onlf if the IVP of patient arrives the limit value.

Horizantal position (with lying): 

Valves are closed when IVP is in the physiologic limits and production of Bos and absorbing of that are on the equilibrium point.Rising of IVP causes the spoil the physiologic BOS flowing.So,in this situation,low pressure channel opens and tantalium do not close the low pressure channel and starts the BOS drainage from the valve and so,more accretion in the IVP is prevented.

Vertical position (with afoot):

When the patient stands up,it happens the addiition hydrostatic pressure and it may causes the increase of BOS drainage.But;Tantalium ball close the flow mount and cuts the drainage.Cutting of BOS circulation causes the increase of IVP.This increasing arrives the top limit value,high pressure of the valve opens and drainage re-start.Thanks to this,critic rise in the IVP and undesirable situations like over drainage can be banned.