CSK Cosman Spinal Elektrot Kitleri

The Cosman CSK Electrode Kits are used with the CSK, SMK, and RFK Cannulae for percutaneous RF lesionmaking in the treatment of a variety of pain syndromes, most frequently related to the spine. Applications of the CSK Kit include: facet denervations, dorsal root ganglion lesioning, and sympathetic nerve lesioning, both for continuous RF and pulsed RF lesion modes. The CSK Kit Electrodes are an improved design by Dr. Eric R. Cosman, Ph.D. of the older SMK Electrode Kit. The CSK Kits come in three versions; the CSK-5 CSK-10, and CSK-15 Kits, containing the CSK-TC5, CSK-TC10, and CSK-TC15 thermocouple (TC) Electrodes, respectively. These Electrodes are used with the nominal 5 cm, 10 cm, and 15 cm long CSK, SMK, and RFK Cannulae,respectively, which are available separately. The CSK-TC Electrodes have a thermocouple temperature sensor built into their distal tips to monitor the RF lesion process. They come with an integral 1 meter long leader-cable to reduce drag. The Electrode hubs are color-coded: white for the CSK-TC5; blue for the CSK-TC10; and yellow for the CSK-TC15. This corresponds to hub colors of the CSK-C5 Cannula; CSK-C10 and RFK-C10 Cannulae; and CSK-C15 and RFK-C15 Cannulae, respectively, and reduces the chance of inserting the wrong Electrode into the Cannula. Each Kit comes with the CB112-TC Cable that connects the CSK-TC Electrodes to the Cosman RFG-1A or RFG-1B RF

Lesion Generators.
CSK-5 Kit Components
CSK-TC5, TC5 Electrode;
CB112-TC, TC Cable;
CSK-5 CASE, Case for storage and sterilization*.
CSK-10 Kit Components
CSK-TC10, TC10 Electrode;
CB112-TC, TC Cable;
CSK-10 CASE, Case for storage and sterilization*.
CSK-15 Kit Components
CSK-TC15, TC15 Electrode;
CB112-TC, CT Cable;
CSK-15 CASE, Case for storage and sterilization*.
CSK-5-R, -10-R, -15-R Kits
CSK-5-R, CSK-10-R, CSK-15-R are the same as the CSK Kit but with the C112-TC Cable for the Radionics

The CSK kits can be flash autoclaved or ETO sterilized.